What to Expect at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

What is a service like?

We gather around God's gifts to us, following a traditional Lutheran liturgy.  Every Sunday, we focus on the gift of His Word.  We hear readings from the Bible, speak a Psalm responsively, sing Scriptures, and hear a sermon on the readings of the day.  We also sing hymns and bring to God prayers for our community.  Before all that, we confess to God our sins and hear His response:  that He forgives and loves us.  This is a service focused on God's grace.  On first, third, and fifth Sundays, we also share Holy Communion, the sacramental gift of Jesus' body and blood.

What is the music like?

We use the Lutheran Service Book for nearly all our hymns.  These are traditional hymns, some as old as the first centuries of the church and some written in the past decades.  Accompaniment can be on either organ or piano.

How do people dress?

One pantleg at a time.  Seriously, we have people who dress up and people who come wearing jeans.  You can come however you prefer.

What about my kids?

We love having kids in the congregation.  We have a staffed nursery in the back for kids full of energy (ages four and under).  Many of our parents are glad to include their kids in church as much as they can; we are too.  

How can I get connected?

The best way is to visit on Sunday.  Our congregation is friendly and there are many ready to answer whatever questions you might have.  You can also contact our pastor or secretary by phone at 502-647-3696 or by email at secretary@holycrosslutheran-ky.org.