Week One, containing The Messenger, The Burnt Offering, Noah's New World, Ahimelech

Week Two, containing Cain and Abel, The Altar's Sheath, The Grain Offering, Abiathar, Jehoiada's Sanctuary, Isaac's Replacement

Week Three, containing Eli, Micah's Levite, The Peace Offering, Uzziah and Azariah, High Priest Joshua, and Melchizedek

Week Four, containing High Priest Zadok, Ahaz' Abomination, The Sin Offering, Ezra Balances the Yoke, Yom Kippur, and Nadab and Abihu

Week Five, containing Zechariah, Jephthah's Deal, The Trespass Offering, Phinehas' Zeal, High Priest Hilkiah, Saul's Hasty Sacrifice

Week Six, containing John the Baptist, Ornan the Jebusite's Threshing Floor, Aaron, Moses, Israel Dismembered, and Caiaphas

Holy Week, containing Uriah the Priest, Josiah's Sacrifice on the Bethel Altar, Miriam, Passover, "It Is Finished," Breaking the Sabbath Sleeping on the Job, and He Always Lives to Make Intercession